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Wanda L. Skywater LMP
Skywater Healing Arts Studio
2819 Mission Beach Heights Rd, Tulalip, WA 98271-9728
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Wanda SkywaterWanda L. Skywater LMP,
Reiki Master & Qigong Instructor
Wellness Facilitator for…
Skywater Healing Arts Studio
Ordained Minister for…
Sanctuary of the Divine Light

I consider the work that I do a “Blessing” in the truest sense of the word. It is also my passion!

Unlike people who know from birth that they are gifted in some extraordinary manner, I have been “Doing the Work” for years. Learning to recognize, develop and balance my own unique ways of embracing the shadow, while basking in the stillness of the light. Coming to the place of knowing that I am an integral part of the Great Mystery.

So, I understand how complex and daunting it can be to sift through contrast looking for the pearls of deeper meaning, while bound to the mundane world and unsatisfying traditional creeds.

I understand first hand the external distress and emotional chaos that can ensue as we commit ourselves to the inner landscape. However, in my personal quest I have inevitably come to the revelation that my particular “Gift of Healing,” lies in helping bring metaphysical truths into the mainstream physical realm. Synthesizing concrete knowledge with the esoteric sciences… Building the quantum bridges that help my clients understand the relationship between spirit and matter, how it integrates and manifests itself.

For me, nothing brings it full circle like holding space for those currently stepping into their own power. Offering assistance, as the body’s primordial, inherent wisdom finely bubbles up to the consciousness,
allowing a long awaited release of interference and providing that proverbial, “Ah~Ha” moment. Then, teaching my clients how to utilize and maintain these higher forms of vibration. I would be honored to work with you, to help you create an ‘attitudinally adjusted’ atmosphere conducive to your body’s own natural healing ability, together we will customize a treatment plan that will bring you into alignment with the vibrant, radiant being that you truly are.

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