Skywater Healing Arts Studio
Be still and know...
It is in the stillness that we align and attune to the deeper
spiritual dimensions of life...
It is in this stillness, that true healing occurs....
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Wanda Skywater LMP
Healing Facilitator for
Skywater Healing Arts Studio
Ordained Minister for:
Sanctuary of the Divine Light

2819 Mission Beach Heights Road, Tulalip, WA 98271
Tuesday-Friday 9-6 Sat 9-noon
(425) 339-8287 • Fax (360) 659-9261

Your Oasis of Healing Awaits

Massage room

When you arrive at Skywater Healing Arts Studio the enchantment begins. Your senses awaken in anticipation as you breathe in the tantalizing aromas of certified pure, therapeutic grade, essential oils.

Hemi Sync roomGently you are guided toward the Amethyst Bio-Mat, where those who desire to achieve a state of serenity yet find it challenging to enter the stillness, can easily transform from one reality to another with the aid of this beautiful, state-of-the-art system. The experience deepens further with the soft soothing sounds of Hemi-Sync technology designed by the Monroe Institute of Cymatics, seamlessly creating a resonance of expanded awareness and cohesive brainwave function.

After a flutter of time here in this chrysalis of bliss, the real magic happens! Skywater Healing Arts Studio doesn't just save the hot stones and organic lotion for a special occasion; each customized treatment is a special occasion and you are the guest of honor! Be it energy work using Eastern or Shamanic / Sacred Healing practices, tuning forks and crystals, AromaTouch Technique or any of the many massage modalities, this is an experience that will change your concept of mind-body-spirit connection...

Reading tableAs you snuggle beneath the luxurious flannel sheets and faux fur blankets, the fireplace crackles. You find yourself listening to the trickeling of the water feature and the cadence of rainforest creatures, the rhythm of peaceful waves lapping up to meet the shore, while soft music floats in the air from some far away neighboring island... You are instantly transported to any number of exotic ports of call. As the emotional stress dissipates, muscle aches and pains melt away under the skilled application of Skywater's care, using the finest healing elements from the soul of the earth and the technological advancements of our own time...

Only now do you begin to understand that this is a truly powerful coping strategy to restore your physical and mental resources both comfortably and naturally. We invite you to renew your commitment to yourself in a healthy and luxurious way at Skywater Healing Arts Studio.


Our Mission: To help you achieve your optimum health multidimensionally, by creating a harmonic environment, where wounded bodies and spirits relax and realign into awareness naturally. With an emphasis on authenticity and integrity, our dedication to your personal discovery, growth, and balance is the long-term goal.

Our Objectives: To realize our calling each day, working with mindful purpose and purest intent... In cooperation with each client and their “primary care providers,” in an effort to form an enhanced network, specific to the treatment plan and belief system of our clients on an individual basis.

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