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Wanda L. Skywater LMP
Skywater Healing Arts Studio
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Impassioned about sharing our knowledge & profound personal healing experiences with these potent, Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade, dōTERRA™ Essential Oils...

We welcome you to join us as we delve into the evocative healing and transformative power of dōTERRA™ *Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade* Essential Oils…

StoreFar beyond tantalizing fragrances, there is a natural synergy in this ‘vital substance’ that is restorative not only to the physical body and its many systems, but also to our deeply seeded, unresolved, emotional traumas. Ultimately, these aromatic avatars act as the consummate purveyors of ‘spiritual’ recuperation, as it is often said; ‘the source of all illness has roots in the soul’… However, as we take into ourselves the vibration of these magnificent oils, surrender to the experiences practicing the principals of release and receive, gratitude and forgiveness, we find a miraculous reconnection with our authentic selves. A higher resonance of who we came here to be, a more profound ‘reason’ to be… We too then, ‘quintessentially’ become an apothecary of the soul, sharing our knowledge, and finding a profound sacredness within every step of our journey.

We offer information, education and inspiration through one on one consultations and group classes.

Wanda L. Skywater LMP

Healing Facilitator for: Skywater Healing Arts Studio &
Ordained Minister for: Sanctuary of the Divine Light
(425) 339-8287

We advocate using *CPTG* essential oils exclusively, and we here at Skywater Healing Arts Studio endorse dōTERRA™ as the best of the ‘best’ in our personal experience. The views of this pages author are of course subjective, making no claims and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any emotional / physical illness or injury outside the scope of our licensure. Readers must validate content independently and act responsibly as such. Information shared herein is meant to supplement, not substitute medical care or treatment of any kind. We encourage you to seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional before adding any dietary supplement to your wellness regimen.

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